Lumberjack Story

This is the story about the brave lumberjack, who lived in a small village. He was happy, he loved his job and vodka.
But one day the Evil Wizard attacked the village, and turned all the villagers into ice.
And now it's time for the lumberjack to take his axe and save his friends!

Movement - W, A, S, D
Interact - E
Attack - LMB
Jump - Space
Equip Weapon - F
Drink Healing Potion - R
Drink Vodka - Q
Camera Distance - Mouse Wheel

How to play:
With each increasing level, you can develop your character 3 features:
1. Health (increases health)
2. Strength (increases bring the character damage)
3. Luck (affects the amount of gold and potions in the boxes, on the chance of critical attack)
1. Health potion(restores 50% health, costs 250 gold)
2. Vodka(helps not to freeze, and restores the temperature to 36.6 degrees, gives immunity to "ice" for 15 seconds, costs 250 gold)
The fire:
Helps to stay warm by standing near a campfire, the character recovers body temperature to 36.6 degrees.
Sells potion of health regeneration(250 gold) and vodka(250 gold), there is always a bonfire where you can warm up.
Contain potions of restore health, vodka and gold coins. Crate crash, the weapon the character receives content based on the indicator of good luck.
On the map in different places is 4 types of weapon with different damage values.



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